World Innovation Trading - World’s first wholesale trade of innovative products and inventions.
With us future is already here.
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Our wholesale company is oriented on bringing innovative products on the market. In our portfolio, you can find the newest inventions from all over the world. We trade only amazing products, which already impressed people and they want to see them in their daily life. We will willingly place them to your portfolio and will make you famous by having astonishing products in your stores. And another unique offer from us: we will push the new product with our marketing services, and this service will be included in a contract.

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World Innovation Trading is a new viewpoint on a wholesale business. We bring only those products on the market, which already convinced and impressed millions of people and they want to see them in stores. We sell only those products, which we use by ourselves in daily life. Our vision is to help this world to develop and renew such business sphere as trading. We are customer and development oriented.


Do you have a crazy product, which is ready to see the big world? Is your goal to become the most famous invention, to change worlds industry and peoples’ lives? We offer you this amazing opportunity to go with us on the very top of success stage. We offer you a collaboration with the same young professionals as you to make a huge industrial change. We will push your product and will place it to the biggest retailers’ stores all over the world. Interested? Then contact us immediately.